Outback Energy Systems
We have a simple solution to a design flaw in all known solar water distillers that have
kept them on a small scale. A simple solution has opened up a whole new world in the
use of salty or polluted water. This solution has now been developed into such a system
that it can now be municipal in it's size. No longer will reverse osmosis be practical above
ground. It has been said "water is the next gold" and we are sitting on the top of that
mine!. What is the current cost to produce this clean pure water? Try $0.047 cents a
gallon at retail material cost. This on a commercial build would be much less.
Create your own power, large or small scale
Produce your own water source, purify your own
water, grow your own food
Real world solutions, simple appropriate and sustainable
Don't just give them fish.
Teach them to fish!
Soul Air Heat TM

Produce your own heat
and use it 24 hours a day
with out fossil fuels or
grid tied electric power,
0% emissions, truly free
green on demand heat
with out any remodeling
of your existing structure.
The video link on the left shows how well our still
design output works. The water going into the still
is more than twice the saline content found in
most of the worlds oceans. The above picture is
where we are today. The above unit can produce
160 US gallons per minuet of fresh pure drinking
water. 160 gallons per minuet = 9,600 gallons per
hour = 234,400 gallons per day = 84,096,000 per
year. This unit can be transported and set up
anywhere fresh water is needed at any time.
Greg Lesher
D D Faye
Walangane team (Greg and Faye) speaking with the US Ambassador
to Senegal (blue jacket) and the USAID Yaajeende program leader
Todd Crosby (pony tail), at the 2015 Senegal International
Agriculture and Animal Resource Fair (FIARA in French) in Dakar,
about our Walangane water well drilling rig, before heading to
Matam, north east of Senegal for the drilling operation.
Water well kick start!

*** One of our Contributions to
the Emerging Africa Effort
through our $5,000 turnkey
promo package of: well +
Pump + pv casing + cistern

For a limited time only , we will
drill 10 (ten) bore hole water
wells in any
developing country in Africa,
or any country where wherein
it is relatively safe for travel,
for $5,000 US dollars per well.
Minimum 10 wells, plus travel
Please contact us for details
on our terms and conditions. .
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Please click the photo of these two boys
hauling water to their hut and donate to
our "Go Fund Me" campaign. We will use
the funds to start a "Walangange" small
factory and school in it's operation so the
people of Senegal can have clean water to
drink and grow their own food.
You can make a difference, and every
penny counts here. No administration
fees, it will all go to this effort , even if
it just gets us back to drill one well and
teach one team to use the drill.
These two boys could have been in
school, but they have the task to haul
Our goal, teach them how to drill, don't
just give them a well. Even if everyone
just gave a few dollars, we can make it
happen. Thank you
Just imagine
the sea being a
usable source
of fresh water
for the world's

The future of water is now, and we have the solutions to
all the worlds water problems. The design flaw of solar
water distillation is now history due to a new simple
breakthrough. It is said
Water is the new gold! And a
statement on water from the past
"Anyone who can solve
the problems of water" John F. Kennedy once said, “will
be worthy of two Nobel prizes—one for peace and one
for science," . And another well quoted statement from
our past shows waters great importance  
 "Water, water,
everywhere, nor a drop to drink", We are looking for the
right people to bring this solution forward and to light.
Please click the blue links in this box for the history of
these quoter's. This solution will bring peace to many
people who are in great need of this simple wonderful
solution. No more multi flash staged systems necessary.
( Desalination, Distillation, on a mega scale)
160 US gallons per minuet of pure distilled water from the sea, from 2
40 foot standard shipping containers, all with out an outside power
source. Desalination at less than a penny per gallon the first year.
Solar Desalination / Distillation
Interview on water problems in
Toubab Dialaw, Senegal
water crisis
link, click