Outback Energy Systems
We have the solution to the water problems of the world. Our large scale solar
water still has produced 4,000 gallons of purified water in a year at a cost of
$0.045 a US gallon (3.78L) from any water source including the sea. Yes! This
is no theory. And yes!, some hard facts in action today! And this can be
produced in any developing country worldwide, with or without a power source.
Create your own power, large or small scale
Produce your own water source, purify your own
water, grow your own food
Real world solutions, simple appropriate and sustainable
Don't just give them fish.
Teach them to fish!
The only large scale solar water still we know of that actually works
and catches all of the  condensed droplets of purified water with out
loss of production. This design makes other still designs obsolete. We
can scale to any size imaginable do to our unique design discovery.
Soul Air Heat TM

Produce your own heat
and use it 24 hours a day
with out fossil fuels or
grid tied electric power,
0% emissions, truly free
green on demand heat
with out any remodeling
of your existing structure.
SWS1 click here for details
The video link on the left shows how well our
SWS1 (Solar Water Still 1) works. The water going
into the still is more than twice the saline content
found in most of the worlds oceans. We have
changed the future of off grid water solutions on a
world wide basis. This means all you need is a
source of water and the sun to produce purified
water with out the need for further treatment.
Greg Lesher
100% pure drinking water
We can turn a typical cistern
into a high capacity solar water
distiller, ready for shipment to
any location, in any country.
Solar Water Still
The large scale solar water still above here can be
scaled large enough to cover acres of unusable
water, not just acres, but acres upon acres or
hectors and hectors of highly concentrated sea
water, brackish water, polluted water, just as long
as it contains water. Because of our unique design,
and the technology we have developed, the cost is
a minimal to say the least. 98% of the water is
recovered the first cycle, the rest is reused and
purified the next round. After 10 to 15 years the
cost to maintain the unit is around $300 US dollars
(cover replacement). The salt can be collected and
used or sold as an income supplement.
D D Faye
Walangane team (Greg and Faye) speaking with the US Ambassador
to Senegal (blue jacket) and the USAID Yaajeende program leader
Todd Crosby (pony tail), at the 2015 Senegal International
Agriculture and Animal Resource Fair (FIARA in French) in Dakar,
about our Walangane water well drilling rig, before heading to
Matam, north east of Senegal for the drilling operation.
Water well kick start!

*** One of our Contributions to
the Emerging Africa Effort
through our $5,000 turnkey
promo package of: well +
Pump + pv casing + cistern

For a limited time only , we will
drill 10 (ten) bore hole water
wells in any
developing country in Africa,
or any country where wherein
it is relatively safe for travel,
for $5,000 US dollars per well.
Minimum 10 wells, plus travel
Please contact us for details
on our terms and conditions. .
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Please click the photo of these two boys
hauling water to their hut and donate to
our "Go Fund Me" campaign. We will use
the funds to start a "Walangange" small
factory and school in it's operation so the
people of Senegal can have clean water to
drink and grow their own food.
You can make a difference, and every
penny counts here. No administration
fees, it will all go to this effort , even if
it just gets us back to drill one well and
teach one team to use the drill.
These two boys could have been in
school, but they have the task to haul
Our goal, teach them how to drill, don't
just give them a well. Even if everyone
just gave a few dollars, we can make it
happen. Thank you